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Information and services

Information and services

The library is a social meeting point for everyone. You can enjoy good atmosphere with comfy chairs and coffee. We at the library are always at your assistance for your library needs. Contact us with any ideas for your own events such as bookclubs and social gatherings. The library email is bokasafn@gardabaer.is

Library card

The library card is valid in all public libraries in Garðabær, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður, for one year. The library card provides access to books, magazines, dvd players and movies, computer games, cake tins, electronic content and audio books on the website rafbokasafn.is.

The annual fee for adults is 2.700 kr. For senior citizens (67 years and older), children (0-17 years old) and disabled people it is free.


The check out period for books, all childrens books and magazines is 30 days, new books, computer games, DVDs, DVD Player, Nintendo Switch, cake tins and board games is 14 days.

Books and magazines
DVD players and movies
Nintendo Switch and games, Playstation games.


Computer, printer, scanner, 3D printer, sewing machine for use.
Free wifi

Various free events throughout the year:

Reading for dogs
Computer workshops for children (fx. Minecraft, Roblox)
New parent get-together
School holiday programs
Seasonal events


It is beneficial for everyone to take good care of the library materials. Books do not tolerate moisture, water or staying in the car or other cold places for a long time.

New library card (lost, stolen) 750 ISK
Photocopy, each sheet A4 50 ISK
Photocopy, each sheet A4 in color 100 ISK
Photocopy, each sheet A3 100 ISK
Photocopy, each sheet A3 in color 200 ISK
3D printing 100 ISK/m.
Day fines:
Book, magazine, audiobook, cd 45 ISK
DVDs, DVD player, Nintendo Switch, boardgames, computer games, cake tins 200 ISK
Price in the shop. The borrower can also buy the exact item and turn it in.

For kids during summertime:

Summer reading program throughout the summer for 5 to 12 years old. Please register at the library service desk.

Tuesday games

Outdoor games with the library staff at the square in front of the library 13:00–15:00. Music, outdoor bowling, jump rope, chalk and much more.


Spooky time at the library every Wednesday from 9:00–12:00 this summer. Let’s play together with lightboards and magnetic tiles.

Explore all kinds of technical stuff at the library: 3D printer and vinyl cutter. Contact library for more information.


Thursday mornings from 10:00–12:00. The library will offer all kinds of crafty things. For example collage and book making, coloring mandalas and making stickers.

The bookworm of the week will be drawn every Thursday at 12:00.
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